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First predominantly female cabinet

Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 1, 2008

Spain’s Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Socialist Party), has appointed a predominantly female cabinet for the first time in Spain’s history and as it happens it is the first cabinet with a female majority in Europe. Zapatero has also appointed women in important positions such as Defence Ministry.

Of course there are those who aren’t too happy about this, referring to these women as “ZP’s battalion of inexperienced seamstresses”. Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, has described the cabinet as “too pink”.

Four years ago, Zapatero appointed equal numbers of men and women as ministers and last March he passed an equality bill that required medium to large companies and political parties in larger boroughs to employ 40% women in high ranking positions.

Fantastic news, eh?


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“Hey Nice Jugs”

Posted by PoliticsWTF on April 12, 2008

Hooters could be opening near you, according to the f-word. Laura Woodhouse (F-Word) was arguing (quite rightly – well done!) on Tony Livesey’s BBC Radio 5 Live show on Friday that Hooters is sexist and it isn’t a good idea for more branches (there’s one in Nottingham already) to open in the UK on Tony Livesey’s BBC Radio 5 Live show on Friday. American Vice President of Marketing, Mike McNeil was also on the show putting the case forward for Hooters saying that it was just a bit of fun.

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Legal firm bans fishnets

Posted by PoliticsWTF on April 5, 2008

Woman in fishnet stockingsAn undentified law firm has banned women from wearing fishnet tights as they distract male colleagues and look unprofessional.

This makes me question why women should have clothing restrictions put on them about something as trivial as a pair of tights, surely we can trust profesional female lawyers to know what is and is not acceptable attire in the workplace. Fishnets can be a part of a suitable working wardrobe. However, if it is deemed that someone in the workplace is dressed in an unnacceptable way, a word from management would be more sensible than restricting every female’s individual way of dressing (I notice men haven’t been banned from wearing fishnets!) . Fishnets have a reputation of being ‘tarty’. However, shouldn’t we be judging people in the workplace on performance and not apperance?

More infuriatingly, is that the other reason for the ban was because it ditracts men. This once again reinforces the stereotype that men are sex-crazy beasts that cannot control themselves, even in the workplace. Why should women have to cover ourselves up, when it is perfectly acceptable for men to account for and control their own desires? As one commenter, called City Woman points out,

“If I find a nicely polished pair of Churchs [a brand of men’s shoes] a ‘distraction’, does that mean I can get them banned too?”

Source: legalweek.com

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