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Lap Dancing Clubs

Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 7, 2008

 Object‘s new campaign, “Stripping the Illusion” – go sign the petition! Under current licensing laws, it is easy for lap dance clubs to open. When many of these clubs open, they create “no-go” areas for women. Research undertaken by the Lilith Project in 2003 in Camden found that in the years following the opening of a lap dance club on Tottenham Court Road, reports of female rape increased by 50% and reports of sexual assaults against women increased by 50%. We must protect our right to feel safe on the streets.

“Under current legislation lap dancing clubs are licensed in the same way as cafes or karaoke and require only a Premises Licence. The Licensing Act 2003 restricted the power of both local authorities and residents to have a say in the licensing of lap dancing clubs. This is wholly inadequate.

Research confirms that lap dancing clubs are part of the commercial sex industry. The buying and selling of sexual services occurs in some clubs and women performers face poor working conditions and high levels of harassment. Lap dancing clubs have a negative impact on the safety and well being of women living and working near them. They normalise the sexual objectification of women. It is clear that lap dancing clubs have a deeper social impact than cafes or karaoke. Licensing must recognise this.

We call on the Government to rethink licensing and re-categorise lap dancing clubs as Sex Encounter Establishments. This would give local authorities the same licensing powers as apply to sex shops, ensure better regulation and give local people a far greater say in licensing.”

“We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to to re-categorise lap dancing clubs as Sex Encounter Establishments.” Sign the petition.


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First predominantly female cabinet

Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 1, 2008

Spain’s Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Socialist Party), has appointed a predominantly female cabinet for the first time in Spain’s history and as it happens it is the first cabinet with a female majority in Europe. Zapatero has also appointed women in important positions such as Defence Ministry.

Of course there are those who aren’t too happy about this, referring to these women as “ZP’s battalion of inexperienced seamstresses”. Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, has described the cabinet as “too pink”.

Four years ago, Zapatero appointed equal numbers of men and women as ministers and last March he passed an equality bill that required medium to large companies and political parties in larger boroughs to employ 40% women in high ranking positions.

Fantastic news, eh?

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