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Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 27, 2008

Hey people/ person/ no one (I have no idea how many people/any people are reading this or even care :))

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in ageeeeeeeess. Y’see I’ve got AS exams (1st year A-level) coming up and I’ve been revising my ass off. I know thats a totally lame excuse but I should start again in about a week with even more gusto than before!!!

I must say at the moment I am totally hooked on an American mental health blog called The Trouble With Spikol. The blogger, Liz Spikol, writes so informatively about mental health – a topic which I know nothing about – but does it with a sense of humour. Check out her videos on You Tube as well.

Another thing which should keep you entertained is a set of videos about feminism on True Tube. It’s got some cool people in it; Kat Banyard (Fawcett Society), Jenni Murray (Woman’s Hour)…

Also, for fun inbetween revision (as if it weren’t fun enough!) I’ve been making an elastic band ball – how Cool am I? Yes, that is cool with a capital ‘c’. Here’s how its been progressing:

The Start 


One Response to “Sorry!”

  1. Polly Styrene said

    Elastic band balls are great. And they really bounce. I make them at work.

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