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24 Reasons for 24 Weeks.

Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 8, 2008

From Abortion Rights:

“You can make a direct difference in five minutes by writing to your MP to urge them to vote to defend women’s abortion rights during the forthcoming Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill debates. The anti-choice lobby is already very active – MPs are receiving dozens of letters, postcards and e-mails. We cannot allow this vociferous minority to dominate the abortion debate!”

To support the 24 week time limit on abortion, head on over to Abortion Rights to sign the petition and send the model letter – it’ll take about 1 minute if ya do it by email 😀.

Nadine Dorries MP who is trying to reduce the 24 week limit within which women can legally have abortions to 20 weeks published her ’20 reasons for 20 weeks’. However, fear not feminist friends! Penny Red and Jess McCabe (F-Word) have complied their own ’24 reasons for 24 weeks’ – fantastic idea – which is supported by the London Feminist Network, Liberal Conspiracy, TheFWord, Abortion Rights, Red Pepper magazine and Feminist Fightback.


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