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Shreddies: knitted by nanas. Advert: created by sexists.

Posted by PoliticsWTF on May 5, 2008


Here is new shreddies advert, created by McCann Erickson, which is based on the same principle as their last advert – shreddies are knitted by nanas in a factory.

The first thing that struck me when I first saw this advert was how all the people knitting were older women, nanas you might even say! All the “nanas” were sitting at their sewing machines on desks knitting these shreddies. However, older men do feature in this advert – they push around the trolleys.

Another thing that I noticed is that all the people in this advert appear to be white. Why is that? Don’t nanas of colour knit? It’s really odd.

The biggest problem I have with this advert is Charles. Yes, Charles. Y’see nanas aren’t capable of judging their own knitted products they have to get Charles to check them first. Charles, an older man, sits at an offical looking desk which is situated on a platform slightly higher than the nanas’ desks. A bowl of freshly knitted shreddies is brought over to Charles. All the nanas wait with baited breath to see what he will say, hoping that they’ve put enough effort in and knowing that if they haven’t, Charles will catch them out! Charles simply gives a nod and smile to signify that the nanas are on top form today and the shreddies are up to his standards.

This advert isn’t as obviously sexist as say, the lynx adverts, but still I think it reinforces the idea that women should look up to men for approval, in this case in their work. This advert may not annoy me so much if there was an equal amount of men and women knitting, but its the way men are featured in this advert that gets me. Perhaps the most telling thing is the fact that the man is physically on a higher level to the women.


3 Responses to “Shreddies: knitted by nanas. Advert: created by sexists.”

  1. Simon said

    Has this been lifted straight from the pages of Viz?

  2. everydayfeminist said

    No way! This is front page news, Simon.

  3. rachel said

    but the nanna’s on the advert are men dressed as old ladys?

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