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“Hey Nice Jugs”

Posted by PoliticsWTF on April 12, 2008

Hooters could be opening near you, according to the f-word. Laura Woodhouse (F-Word) was arguing (quite rightly – well done!) on Tony Livesey’s BBC Radio 5 Live show on Friday that Hooters is sexist and it isn’t a good idea for more branches (there’s one in Nottingham already) to open in the UK on Tony Livesey’s BBC Radio 5 Live show on Friday. American Vice President of Marketing, Mike McNeil was also on the show putting the case forward for Hooters saying that it was just a bit of fun.

Mike McNeil spouted the usual – Thank goodness!!! Men like looking at women’s breasts so the species can continue. However, he also contradicted himself later on by saying that “They [men] are not actally looking at the breasts themselves”. Still however, the issue is that the women who work for Hooters are seen as objects and, after signing their work contract, can be open to sexual innuendo even though McNeil claims the girls are protected against harrasment. Apparently, “Hey nice jugs” is the must common phrase from customers…right, good to see women not being treated as objects. McNeil also used the support from women as an argument: that 32% of the customers are female and the fact that 17,000 women choose to work in the restaurants. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Hooters is right, though. It is understandable why 17,000 women work in Hooters as it seems that society values these women, primarily for their bodies. McNeil kept referring also to the fact that there are “different people, different skill sets” and that “clearly there are different roles for different types of people.” This seemed to be an excuse for his next comment that “its not discrimination – its differentiation”. However, this ‘clearly’ is discrimination; its using sexism as entertainment, as Woodhouse pointed out.

One person who called in was a clear example of someone who believes sexism is okay which is the image Hooters also promotes. He (as it happens) thought the girls in an American Hooters restaurant were “fantastic”, yet was dissapointed in Amsterdam as they were all flat-chested according to him. Ooooh…tough break. This person feels it is acceptable for him to judge other human beings on their appearance alone. “Fantastic.”

Also, on the Sheffield Telegraph website there’s a poll, “Should Hooters be allowed to open in Leopold Square?” Which is at “44% No” and “56% Yes” at the time this is posted.

So should more Hooters restaurants – which are a “good part of the community” according to McNeil – open in the UK? After all, they’re just “bringing a little slice of American culture”(McNeil).

Check out Laura Woodhouse at the F-word, here on the F-Word blog and here. Also, the ‘No to Hooters in Sheffield’ group on facebook and here‘s some comments on the debate on the F-word website and SIGN THE PETITION!!!


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